School Kit – Recycling

The Grow Recycling School Kit includes lesson plans, teaching materials and additional activities to complement the educational game Grow Recycling. The material promotes blended learning and helps educators bring knowledge about recycling to life inside and outside the classroom. Each School Kit contains learning objectives and connections to the curricula addressed in each activity. The School Kits are designed for grades K-3.

Grow Recycling School Kits in Swedish and English are free to download.  And a free web-based version of Grow Recycling is available here. Additionally, the Grow Recycling app may be purchased on the App Store and Google Play Store. Learn more about Grow Play Education.

Grow Recycling game preview


School Kit Overview

Lesson Plans

Select the lesson plans that you like or that fit your purpose including making a collage of packaging, create a recycled orchestra, make recycled postcards, or learn about the waste hierarchy.

Student Activities

In addition to playing Grow Recycling, student activities allow students to practice other skills with a recycling theme.  Draw your own recycling bin, write a story about waste, crack a message code with math and find the hidden plastics.


You will find quiz questions and an answer key about recycling, connecting the knowledge gained from playing Grow Recycling and the classroom activities. You can do them together in the classroom or individually as a quiz walk.

Download the Recycling School Kit

Download the Swedish version of the school kit or the English version of the school kit.