Our Privacy Policy was last updated on June 18th, 2020.

Usage tracking

We don’t track any usage data, nor do we collect any personal identifiable information (PII).


Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

We are in compliance with the requirements of COPPA (Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act)

User accounts

Some of our games, currently only Grow Life, allows the user to create user accounts in order to play together with family members or play the same character from different devices. The information from these user accounts is limited to the bare minimum required by the system in order to identify a specific user.

Data retention

User data is retained as long as it is necessary to provide the service. Data is deleted from our records when it is no longer needed within a reasonable timeframe.

Data security

Gro Play uses generally accepted security measures and safeguards in an attempt to keep the data it collects secure and requires that the third parties it works with agree to do the same. The measures and safeguards include limiting access to the data to those persons who need it to complete their work for Gro Play, using a firewall protected environment, and storing personal information encrypted and in secure operating environments.

Data removal

If you wish to remove your account complete from our systems, contact us at privacy@www.groplay.com.

Data retrieval

If you wish to retrieve a list of all data we have stored about your user, contact us at privacy@www.groplay.com.

Do you have other concerns or questions about our Privacy Policy?

If you have any other questions or concerns about our privacy policies, please contact us at privacy@www.groplay.com.




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