Gro Book – Choose your own adventure

GRO BOOK – “The adventures of Sophie the sweater” puts the child in charge of this captivating and moving story. The book can be read, or listened to, in 24 different ways, and has an underlying eco-educational theme – “re-usage”. Get to know Sophie – a sweater that is longing for someone to need and love her. Along the way, the reader decides the direction of story, which affects Sophie’s shape, use, and mood!

Available for iPhone, iPhone 5, iPod and iPad. $3.99 / €3.59

Gro Memo – Play for a better planet!

Gro Memo – Play for a better planet!

GRO MEMO is an app game for kids that is not only entertaining, but also trulyeco-educational.

Help the cute animals clear up their polluted homes. Pair up the beautifully animated cards showing animals in harmony with nature, and make the nasty trash disappear, bit by bit – but avoid the “bad” cards. As the forest and sea get cleaned up, the animals can be happy in their natural environments once again.
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Available for iPhone, iPhone 5, iPod, iPad and Android. $1.99, €1.79