Grow Recycling

Available for iPhone, iPod and iPad. $2.99 / €2.69 / £1.99. Freemium on Android.

A kids app - the cycle of recycling

Have you ever tasted trash?

I didn’t think so, but for some, your old shoe box or your empty tin can, is yummie-yum! Meet our groovy trash cans and feed them everyday garbage. But who likes what? Try it out and see for yourself – their reactions will surely help you figure out each character’s favorites.

But where does all the trash go? Find out and make new products out of the garbage you’ve sorted by playing with the funky recycling machines. Pull the levers, click the buttons, spin the wheels and play along with the music. Whatever you produce – a bottle of lemonade, a jar of jam or a can of pineapple rings – it will come in handy. Banja the rabbit throws a picnic for her friends, and you’re invited!