Grow Flowers & Bees

Available for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android on Google Play and Amazon Appstore. $2.99 / €2.59

A kids app about biodiversity

Become your own gardener and create amazing new flower species with the tip of your finger. It’s fun and easy! Simply choose a color and start drawing on one petal and the pattern will be repeated automatically on the other petals, with a kaleidoscope effect. Then help the bees to pollinate your flowers, and your colorful creations will spread across the field. When your little friends pollinate they get their precious nectar, and in return they will not only reward you with sweet honey but also with more colors and brushes to play with. Biodiversity in a nutshell.

All your amazing and beautiful flower species are saved in your collection book so you can create as many as you want and show them to your friends and family.