Beep Beep Alfie Atkins

Free with full unlock inside the app

Help Alfie build a sustainable city!

In this city builder educational game you help Alfie (Alfons Åberg) keep the world clean and use the recycled material to build roads, houses, shops, schools, parks and more! As the community grows you and Alfie help the citizens to do fun chores around the city. You get to clean windows, charge cars, go shopping, rake leaves, and even put out fires just like real firefighters. In return the citizens will show you love and you’ll be richly rewarded. Loads of fun with 16 different mini-games (in the full version).

There are no timers or stress elements so that kids can play in their own time. If they can’t finish a specific game it still continues so that they never get stuck, so it’s always fun! Beep Beep Alfie Atkins is suitable for the whole family!